Facts Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

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Samsung has shaken the market with great innovation and affordable gadgets over the years. They have pushed aside many brands like the Nokia, Sony, etc. to take the leading position in the Indian market. The new release from the company Samsung J2 Pro is a variant of Samsung J2 and has very interesting features. Let’s take a look into the latest release and find out about the worthy and not-so-worthy features of the Smartphone.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Specifications & Features

§ The regular features include 12.7 cm screen, Super Amoled display, 4G support, Android 6.0.1 [marshmallow], dual SIM slots, 8 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

§ Turbo Speed Technology [TST] – The outstanding TST helps to load the apps 40% faster than the Smart phones with similar specifications. Apps will open without any lagging and the chance of fore closing or crashing minimizes due to the technology.

§ Smart Glow – A simple yet adorable concept that allows the user to set different colors for different app notifications. The lights are set around the rear camera so that notifications can be easily recognized.

§ USD mode – Ultra Data Saving Mode of the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro allows the user to save nearly 50% of the data by restricting unnecessary running of apps in the background. This enables the user to spend the data on the desired information rather than streaming out date whenever internet is turned on.

§ S bike mode – Samsung provides and NFC tag that can be placed on the fuel tank of the bike or on the helmet. The S bike mode will be activated by tapping on the tag and whoever calls will receive a notification that the person is driving. If the call is an emergency, the caller can press 1 and connect to the receiver.

§ Processor – The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro comes with 2GB RAM and 1.5 GHz Quad-core Processor sufficient to shuffle through apps with ease. Gaming becomes very convenient as the processor ensures there aren’t any jitters.


Samsung, although, has outmatched its competition; it has not beaten itself when it comes to design and internal features. Almost every Samsung Smartphone comes with similar features and this phone has considerably less battery backup with only 2600 mAh battery. The absence of turbo charging makes it a bit difficult to charge the phone.
The front camera does not give pictures that can be called as those taken from a 5MP camera.
The Smartphone doesn’t have in-built magnetic sensor to use compass. In addition, the Smartphone is not completely gaming compatible as it has Mali-400MP2 GPU which is an “okay” technology.


The performance of the phone is good and the S bike mode is a very attractive feature and helps to maintain the safety of the user, which is a great asset to the phone. All the other features also compliment the phone very well and if an individual is not a gaming freak or needs a compass, then this phone is a great choice. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro price in India is 9,890 INR, which is really great for the features the Smartphone has to offer.

Airtel Idea Revised Data Tariff Plans

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Airtel & Idea Revised Internet Tariffs-War of Monopoly
Idea and Airtel are following the path of price cutting war in order of preparing themselves to compete with Reliance communications’ fourth coming 4G service called Reliance Jio, which is most expectedly is to be launched in August 2016,will leave a significant impact on the other telecom leaders as result, Airtel and Idea the two big players of Indian telecom industry, have slashed down their tariffs for data services up to 25- 67 percent for their prepaid customers only. Very smartly the telcos have not reduced the tariffs but increased the benefit of recharge plans in the same cost, this way the company retained its revenue making its prepaid internet recharge plans more attractive.

Airtel Revised Prepaid Tariff
The Bharti Airtel added 25-69 percent more benefit to its consumer at same cost according to the size of the plan, such as Rs 25 2G data pack with 100 MB has added up tAirtel Idea Revised Data Tariff Planso 45 percent more benefit and will offer 145 MB data. The 989 4G/3G pack will offer 10 GB instead of 6.5 GB. The benefit of small packs of 2G/3G/4G internet increased by 48% and the heavy plans benefit increased up to 69 percent .There are no changes in tariffs but data benefit has been increased.

Airtel Idea Revised Data Tariff Plans

Idea Slashed Down Data Tariff
Idea cellular added 67 percent more benefit to its heavy data recharge plans for up to 2 GB to 10GB data consumers and for small pack users, the benefits increased up to 45 percent while the validity will remain same, to its all telecom circles.Since the price cutting fashion of these majors indeed benefit the consumer and drive more data consumption in the country without imposing any extra charges to the users. This will make the internet much affordable and accessible to every Indian household, also play an important role in making India digitally literate.

R-Jio 4G Launch (Hi-Speed & Low-Cost Internet)
The upcoming launch of RJio 4G has led the countries’ leading telecom providers in the insecure position where the telcos have already started feeling up the heat of the 4G launch. Reliance Infocom has announced to rollout R-Jio 4G service in the selected circles at very affordable and pocket-friendly cost .Through this project, Rcom is to offer high-speed 4G data and voice call services for new customers in twelve circles. The initial three months plan is quite attractive and low cost, is a bundled pack of free voice call and high-speed internet pack, can bring up new customers for the company which would definitely increase the subscriber base of the Reliance. The company is to offer 10 GB 4G for 93 which is 93% cheaper than other providers, which would be a great challenge for the other telecom players to match with. Previously, In order to retain their customer base the company has followed the trend of keeping their tariff charges in a line, similarly this time the telcos have already taken a preventive move by slashing down their data charges before the reliance Jio 4G launch.For More Information About  Indian, Network Providers go to http://www.telecominfo.org/

Paytm Coupons Cost Saving Truth

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No matter we have been using some facilities for ages, but paying for them has always been a pain in the neck, not just because of the pockets getting emptied but the time and effort it took everyone in it. You always had to keep a separate day to have your bills paid for all the time they took, and then the traveling from one place to the other was another story.

After the long payment queues, there was the era of recharge cards and cash cards. You bought it from the market and accidentally had the wrong numbers put in. Or, later, we had the IVR’s which took an eternity to have your payments made via the phones and was one of the most irritating ways of having it done. But, over the course of times, things have changed to a great extent. Gradually, with the advent and rise of the use of the internet and the growth of eCommerce in India, paying your bills got a bit simplified. You could pay online for your stuff on the respective websites, and this was loads simpler. And lately, came a breakthrough with a site called Paytm that made just everything easier than ever.

Paytm Coupons Save Money

Paytm coupons are accessible online, and  you can pay your bills & recharge your All mobiles Network Providers. We know that the internet is the best medium to get today’s People that are the reason they gave all the TVF pitchers series only on YouTube. The Web is a known and most quickly expanding term of today and used by people.Now it is very comfortable to pay your charges and restore mobile phones.
Paytm recharge coupons allow you to recharge your mobiles, DTH, and internet data card. Paytm recharge coupons are available for both prepaid and postpaid services. Once you have created an account, you can use the recharge service. For the mobile recharge, you need to enter your mobile number and browse through the available plans and proceed for payment. For DTH/Data card recharge, enter your customer Id number and continue to pay. Isn’t Simple it?

benefits and advantages of coupons

The benefits and advantages of coupons work best when you painstakingly cut coupons to supplement your shopping list and after that experience every card to peruse through the individual stipulations to make sure you can utilize the coupon in conjunction with alternate ones before you get the checkout line at your nearby retailer. It likewise assists up coupons with what you have on your shopping list to save cost and time at the market and stay away from unnecessary spending. All things viewed, the advantages of coupons are expected to act as a cash gain factor for the customer.

Make your judgment and believe what’s the most effective selection for you. It causes you to ready to replicate on a way to save some time and cash with Paytm coupons. Never go a wrong side Paytm is your right path to urge all kinds of cards. to urge a reliable service the most effective possibility for purchasers is to look for Paytm via the web.